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Design The Skyline Interview

Design The Skyline

After signing to the well known, ‘Victory Records’, Design The Skyline have created uproar across the alternative music scene. We caught up with the band recently to find out a bit about them, the future and how they are taking the negative criticism.

Hero: We’d like to welcome to the Hero. Webzine, an extremely hyped band at the moment, Design The Skyline. Now tell us a bit about yourselves:

DTS: Hello! The band consist
of Daniel, Eric, Julian, Matt, John, Keebler, Ethan and well we come from a small city in Texas called Corpus Christi. We pretty much went to the same high school and started from there. As far as genre-wise, it isn’t anything like the music video anymore; more melodic, but at the same time still trying to find our right sound.

Hero: You’re quite a unique band, what influences or other bands would you relate yourselves to?

DTS: Well, each member has like their own influences, but still in the same loop with each other. John likes grindcore his favorite band is The Number Twelve Looks Like You and Matt likes melodic death stuff along with Julian, Daniel, Eric, Ethan and Keebler like electronic post hardcore stuff.

Hero: Are these bands you’d want to tour with at some stage?

DTS: It would be amazing touring with bands we love.

Hero: You’ve recently been signed to the incredible Victory Records. How did that come about?

DTS: One of the bands from the label referred us to Victory and we just went about. It’s pretty amazing!

Hero: You’ve recently released your single ‘Surrounded By Silence’ and it’s music video; and the studio album will be coming later this year. Tell us a bit more about that.

DTS: Well the album “Neveah” is a whole 180 turn from Surrounded By Silence; you will barely here any math influences or crazy time signatures.

Hero: As well as the some positive feedback, you’ve also gained a lot of negative feedback. A few quotes taken from the bands Facebook page, include: “Why do you suck so much?”, “The shittest band going. How the fuck did you get signed?”, “Just give up, seriously”.

What do you think about that?

We really don’t mind. We can honestly see why people give us negative feedback for one, the way we look and the fact that we got signed to a mainly hardcore metal label with just one song; we stick out like a sore thumb. And not to mention how young we are. Ethan White, our bass player, was barely 15 in the Surrounded By Silence video and people also think we are some type of gimmick, but it’s not like that at all. We love what we do.

Hero: Does this negative feedback bother you?

DTS: At first it did not anymore, people don’t seem to realize that the Surrounded By Silence song was just a demo song and not every band sounds their best on their first demo, you know, and its crazy how much it blew us up!

Hero: What are your touring patterns for this summer and the rest of 2011?

DTS: Not sure at the moment just focusing on getting the album out there.

Hero: Are you planning to come overseas at all? I think the UK fans would be dying to see you.

DTS: Yes we plan to do it all!

Hero: Well thank you very much and good luck with the album and the rest of your summer. We hope to speak to you soon!

DTS: Thanks a lot and thank you for the interview as well! Take care!

- Hero.
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